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Tenant Testimonials

  •  I live in ATL,  and was sleeping on my friends couch, they told me they wanted me out, needed there privacy,  I didnt know where I was going to go, no family or friends to help me.  And I had money.  I did a little research found this company online, within 1 week, I secured my luxury apartment with We Rent For You with Carmel-  Its tight.  Thank GOD there is something for people out there.  Mark 2015
  • Thank GOD for such a service we have been living in a motel now for 6 months, we came across this service online and paid there fee, and within 4 days, we are in our selective unit at Avalon.  Jacqueline February 2015
  • We have been with We Rent For You, for 4 years now, We are very happy with their services- Don Williams July 16, 2014
  • Our jobs were relocating us to California from Florida, we were turned down for an apartment lease 4 times, after paying numerous of applications fee’s and losing our hold deposits with other communities we decided to, try this service,  and we are happy, we did.  They moved us, in our new home Laguna Hills within 1 week.  Thank GOD there such a service- Barbara Smith- Tenant April 2014
  • “Lawd  Hammercy”  Jesus”  we were out in the streets,  in a motel for 1 month, it was killing us,  My girlfriend told me about this service,  and although I didn’t want to pay the cost,  they moved us in an apartment less than 24 hours.  I am so thankful.  Gloria Barker- August 2014
  • We were facing an Eviction and needed a place to live ASAP.  We contacted We Rent For You, and they were fast and very efficient, we were in our new home within 72 hours.  Sandra Wells -Tenant June 2014
  • We spoke with a representative on the phone, with We Rent For You, and she walked us through the process, we wired there fee’s and we were in our new home within 48 hours.  Thank GOD there are people out here who are willing to help.  Mark Kramer- September 8, 2014
  • One of my colleagues, who were a realtor, told me about this company,   I contacted them, and they moved in my new home within 2 weeks.  This is a great company.   Tammy Brown October 2014
  • We attended Joel Osteen Conference, and came across this service on the web,  we were losing out home in foreclosure, our credit was shot,  no family to help us.  We contacted We Rent For You, and they moved us less than 2 days.  Thank GOD, there is a Christian service that offer assistance to people.  Kathy Pine-  November  1, 2014
  • I am a Ex police Officer, I went through a bad divorce and my ex wife took me and my credit to the cleaners, I didnt have any family to co-sign for me, found We Rent For You, Apartment Co-signing Services online, and I was in my apartment within 24 hours.  We Rent For You, Apartment Co-signing Services is a reputable business and licensed through the Irvine Police Department.,  We recommend all renters to use them, they are number one in the industry-  Jim B.- Tenant 2013
  • I live in Washington DC, and me and wife, could qualify for an apartment, we found We Rent For You, Apartment Co-signing Services online, and the process was painless, we were in our apartment in 72 hours, just like they told us.  Robert Jones- Tenant 2013
  • Me and my Girl and kids, was living in a Motel for 4 months and could qualify for an apartment,  I had found We Rent For You Apartment Cosigning Services, 1yrs ago, but didnt use them, we went to other competitors and we got rip off big time trying to go cheap, and not pay the full co-signing fee's but we learned our lesson and came back to We Rent For You, Apartment Co-signing Services and we were in our apartment in 48 hours, thanks to Randi, she is truly an angel from Heaven!  Akida- Tenant   2013        
  • I found this service online, I needed to move badly, myself, children and husband lived with my Mother and she wanted us out.  We applied everywhere and got turn down for an apartment.  And was out of $200 for from apartment application fees.  I saw We Rent For You Apartment Cosigning Services on Google and called them, they explained their services, and my husband and I scheduled an appointment in their Irvine Office. We were their 35 minutes filling out paper work, gave them our fee’s and the next day, I was in my dream apartment 3bed/2bath with granite counter tops and wood floors, less than price than what I was getting turn down.  I am so, so thankful for We Rent For You Apartment co-signing Services without them, me and my family would end up in a terrible motel.  C Finney- Tenant 2012
  • I am a Relocation Real Estate Attorney, who landed a job in Southern California.  I just did not know where I was going to live in California because of my credit challenges. I contacted We Rent For You Apartment Co-signing Services. And they found a very impressive apartment for me located Newport Beach within 3 days of my call. The next following day, I over night the background check fee and co-signing fee directly to them, within 2 days, I was on my way to Southern California.  It took just 1 week and I was in my new home.. Thanks to We Rent For You Apartment Co-signing Services.  It is such a blessing to have such services in this market.   Rogina B, Attorney at Law- Tenant 2012
  • I live in the State of New Jersey, and we lost our home due to Foreclosure, we applied to several communities and received 3 turn downs due to our credit.  We did not know what we were going to do with a family of 5.  My wife contacted “We Rent for You Apartment Co-signing Services spoke to their California Office.  They explained how their services worked, we sent our money orders directly to their California offices within 24 hours we were approved, and move into our new home the second day.  The lease agreement signed by the company was done by Notary; keys were handed to us by the apartment complex within 3 days.  John & Mavis- New Jersey Tenants 2012
  • I am so glad that I found this company, me and my kids was getting ready to be homeless due to an eviction!  I found we rent for you leasing services on Google.  I scheduled an appointment and we were in a new apartment less than 48 hours.  The service was quick and easy. Traci C- Tenant  2011- 2012
  • I was skeptical at first when I found this service, spoke to a leasing consultant on the phone, she scheduled an appointment, and she asked for the deposit, I was very nervous, I just did not think they were real, but the office is very professional.  After I paid the co-signing fee, I met with the apartment complex the same day, the lease was signed.  When I and my boy viewed our apartment home, it was beautiful with 2bed and a fire place and a balcony and my boy is in enrolled in a good school nearby and the neighborhood is beautiful.  It is a God, I recommend this service to anyone-J. Morales- Tenant 2011
  • I found We Rent For You Leasing Services on Google, I was nervous as hell but we had bad credit and could not lease anywhere in Orange county, we are from Atlanta Georgia.  I met with the leasing consultant, at first she had me wait in the lobby of their building so I did not think they had and office.  I was hesitant to give my money at first.  But then I was escorted to the conference room on the 6th floor, I gave my income documents, paid the co-signing fee, within two hours, I was at the apartment complex and the lease was signed and the keys were handed to me on the spot. T. Williams- Tenant 2011
  • Me and my kids were facing an eviction and I had to be out of my apartment.  I found We rent for you on Google, met with leasing consultant at the new apartment complex, she signed the lease, and we were end our new place.  Gloria- Tenant 2011
  •  My wife located the website, I called and spoke with one of the leasing consultants, within 45 minutes I met with her on a Saturday and within 30 minutes I was handed the keys.  Me and my wife are very impressed with this service. Alexander A- Tenant 2011
  • My girlfriend and I, each of us was living in a separate room and board. My girlfriend lived separately with her son.  I was so upset the way I was treated by the landlord and we looked for our own place but our credit was bad and we received turn downs all over the place.  My girlfriend found We Rent For You on Google; she scheduled the office appointment for me. I went in and met with the leasing consultant Randi.  I was nervous and afraid to give my money to rent the apartment. I met her hours later at the apartment complex and within 3hours we were handed the keys to our new home.  We could not have done it without Randi’s help.   She’s the greatest.  She honest, forward and No non-sense!  Dean/Misty- Tenant 2010
  • I was living was living in a motel with my kids when I was seeking a place to live, I tried to have my mother in law co-sign for me and although she lived in Balboa Island she was turned down from leasing an apartment on my behalf because of her high debt ratio.  We prayed for 3 weeks for god to help us because we were practically homeless without any help from anyone, I had no one to turn too. I came across We Rent For You Leasing Solutions on Google, and they rented us apartment within 2hours on weekend.  I never been so pleased and happy now me and my children can go home. Sarah- Tenant 2010
  • I am a retired Military professional who qualify for base housing, however, I could not obtain military housing due to my credit challenges.  My wife and I contacted We Rent For You Apartment Co-signing Services, paid the fee's and within 3 days, we were moved into our apartment. Mario and Michelle Hayden- Tenants 2011

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